"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't."
- Thomas A. Edison

About David E. Bartlett

David E. BartlettDavid E. Bartlett is currently in private practice representing enterprises at the start-up, development and growth stages as outside general counsel, or on special projects, including strategic alliances, corporate and securities, mergers and acquisitions, commercial, technology, licensing and intellectual property transactions.

Mr. Bartlett has co-founded several high-tech companies, was a partner with a major law firm, authored books and articles, and is an elected member of the American Law Institute.


Mr. Bartlett was a Partner of Cooley Godward LLP, a Silicon Valley-based law firm, where he practiced for 10 years after he joined the firm in 1987. Mr. Bartlett co-founded its Boulder office in 1993, where he was in charge of the Technology Practice Group. Mr. Bartlett represented high-tech and biotechnology companies specializing in strategic alliances, corporate and securities, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, and intellectual property transactions and strategies.

Mr. Bartlett is an elected member of the American Law Institute (ALI), since 1995, and has served on several ALI drafting committees. He was a distinguished Advisor for the "Principles of the Law: Software Contracts" as adopted and promulgated by the ALI at Washington, D.C. (May 19, 2009), published 2010. He was also Advisor for ALI's Style of the Institute Committee, which produced a manual for ALI Reporters, "The Voice of The American Law Institute." He was also appointed by the ALI to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Article 2B (Information Licensing and Software Contracts) Drafting Committee, a national committee that produced the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA).

Mr. Bartlett is Vice President and General Counsel of Nuubia Inc., using the brand name nuubiaChocolat, an exciting startup corporation opening a production facility in the San Francisco Bay Area to manufacture and introduce a new luxury brand of fine artisan chocolates made in the French tradition by world renowned Chef Lionel Clement, head chocolatier at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and winner of the 2009 World Chocolate Masters in Paris, where his amazing chocolate sculptures wowed audiences. The Company's success will be used to promote the protection of endangered species, their habitats, and the ecosystems from which chocolate originates.

Mr. Bartlett served as Vice President and General Counsel of Azaire Networks Inc., a Silicon Valley-based wireless technology company acquired by IntelliNet Technologies, Inc. He co-founded Azaire Networks in 1999.

Mr. Bartlett was Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel of NetSage Corporation (merged with Finali Corporation), an agent-based software company emphasizing electronic Customer Relations Management and pioneered online instructional interactivity. He co-founded NetSage in 1996.

Mr. Bartlett is the author of numerous articles and other publications, including the “Strategic Alliances Handbook” and the “Intellectual Property Handbook -- Institutional and University Licensing: Key Terms and Negotiation Points.”

Mr. Bartlett’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Entrepreneurship, magna cum laude, University of Colorado (1978); and a Juris Doctor degree, Outstanding Corporate Intern, University of Denver College of Law (1984).